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Reliable and Easy to Use

MailCops real-time email validation tool works with any form on your website to guarantee your email list is clean and accurate.


Verify Emails in Less Time

MailCops clean your email lists to identify those pesky, risky emails & validate emails faster than any other platform around!


Affordable Pricing to Increase ROI

Maximize your cost efficiencies with the fastest validator . Don’t waste your money on sending invalid emails - validate before you hit send!

Valid or Invalid Email Addresses? Never again email validation!

Every potential customer and online transaction starts and ends with an email. Our affordable email verification services are designed to ensure your email campaigns are at the top of their game. That peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!

Guaranteed to increase your ROI, MailCops will interrogate your email list to eliminate email bounces, and expand your client reach with our highly effective, affordable email verification and email list cleaning solutions.

Using MailCops email validation is simple and easy.
In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Create an account, login, and use the Fast Access on your account dashboard to quickly be directed to validate single emails or bulk emails.

2. For Single emails, enter your email address into the validation tracker. For Bulk emails, create a new list and add your bulk email addresses into validation tracker.

3. Select the ‘Validate’ button to instantly verify your email addresses. It’s really that simple.


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Email Validation API

MailCops API allows you to verify email addresses instantly on your platform. As the fastest email validator, you can instantly clean email address lists and your update contact lists with ease and accuracy.



MailCops leverages the latest innovative anti-greylisting technology to ensure you experience the most reliable email validation results around.


Bulk List Validator

Stop wasting time and money! Our easy to use and affordable online bulk email checker is designed to clean your current database, so you don't have to worry whether or not your emails are being delivered.


Catch-all Testing

Every email address validation draws you closer to better email health and customers. Our email verification tool searches for domains to identify any site as a catch-all domain before you send your email.


Email Bounce Checker

Don't let pesky illegitimate emails ruin your inbox deliverability and your sender campaigns. Email address verification is designed to ensure your email list is authentic before you press send.


MX Record Detection

Is there an MX Record for the space you are checking? Our email validator lets you know if there is an active MX Record for any domain you check. This way, you know if a specific address is legitimate or fraudulent before you send your email.


SMTP Information

Leverage the power of our SMTP information checker to compare popular SMTP providers for each email address with valid mx records, Spam Trap Detection.


Spam Trap Checker

Don't run the risk of being blacklisted! Removing spam traps is crucial to your email sender reputation. Our email checker will pinpoint any spam trap in your database, and scrub the system to remove any fraudulent email addresses.

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Single Email Verification

Email list cleaning is easy. Seamlessly integrate with unlimited platforms so you can send your emails with confidence.
All you need to do insert your email address into the MailCops Validator, and click the ‘Verify’ button. You’ll instantly see if your email address is valid. It’s really that simple!


Contact and Lead Forms

Registration Forms

Newsletter Signup Forms

CRM’s and CMS's ...and many more!


Bulk Email Verification

Why run the risk of bouncing back? Why run the risk of tarnishing your sender reputation or being banished to the blacklist of your client's mailbox?
With MailCops bulk email verification, you won't ever have to worry about sending an invalid email again! Validate hundreds and thousands of emails with the click of a button.

The fastest email validation checker around, MailCops will clean any sized email in three simple steps:

Copy your existing email list into the MailCops validator

Download your clean, verified email list.

Deliver 99.9% of your emails to reach more customers.

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Let the MailCops verify and scrub clean your database without losing conversions!
MailCops email validation API is a powerful and innovative tool that allows businesses to identify dead email addresses, correct email errors, and increase deliverability. Best of all, it's fast and easy to use! Send your emails with confidence! Our API provides you with an extensive overview of your email list, covering multiple status and sub-status codes. You can leverage this information to determine which email addresses to include in your next sender campaign.

const MailCops =require(‘mailcops’); //Initialize MailCops Client const client=new MailCops({apikey: ‘secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’}); //verify an email Client.single.check(‘info@mailcops.com’).then( Result =>{ console.log(‘Result:’+ result.getResult());//prints: ”valid” //see Verification Object for additional helper methods for working with // verification results from the single method }

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